In this episode, ex-postdoc Dr Connor Bamford will be speaking with Dr Rachel Ulferts from the Francis Crick Institute in London after she came to Glasgow recently to present her fascinating work.

Dr Ulferts is currently a postdoc in the lab of Dr Rupert Beale at the Crick where she works on influenza virus and a cell process known as autophagy - or 'self eating'.

Previously Rachel worked on a number of RNA viruses, like coronaviruses or picornaviruses in labs across Europe, including Northern Ireland and The Netherlands, before coming back to the UK to work at The University of Cambridge and then onto London.

In this episode Connor talks with Rachel about her work on autophagy, her interest in fundamental virology, and her exciting plans for the future.

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Featuring: Dr Rachel Ulferts and Dr Connor Bamford.
Editing: Dr Connor Bamford
Music: Siesta - Jahzzar -
Image: taken from Twitter @CVRHutchinson

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