In this episode we’re extremely lucky to be welcoming Professor Diane Griffin, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health who is also the vice-president of the US National Academy of Sciences (…ers/3007695.html).

Diane - who is an MD/PhD - is a pioneering expert in how viruses cause disease, focusing on those viruses that infect your brain (like measles), and viruses spread by insects (like alphaviruses, such as Sindbis and chikunungya viruses).

In this episode, CVR PhD student Arthur Wickenhagen and ex-CVR postdoc Connor Bamford, chat with Diane about her inspiring career in virology, why she’s so fascinated with the brain and insect viruses, and the worrying rise in measles across the world.

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Featuring: Prof Diane Griffin, Dr Connor Bamford and Mr Arthur Wickenhagen
Editing: Connor Bamford
Music: Siesta - Jahzzar -

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