I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode with Jack, Douglas and Greg Towers because now we’re continuing on that theme and speaking with Dr Adam Fletcher, a fellow innate/intrinsic immunity enthusiast, like Greg.

Adam (scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user…pPEAAAAJ&hl=en), has led work on fantastic papers onto the detailed molecular mechanisms that our cells use to seek, destroy and ultimate block disease-causing viruses, like HIV, from infecting us. One example if the very recent paper in Cell Host & Microbe www.sciencedirect.com/science/articl…31312818305456 (from which our cover image is from).

Adam worked previously with Leo James at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology or LMB in Cambridge, and actually with Greg Towers at University College London. Adam is currently a postdoc working 'around the corner' from us here at in the CVR at the University of Dundee, MRC PPU.

In this episode, Adam tells us about his work on antiviral immunity and what it is like being an early-career researcher in virology.

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