The new season of our Contagious Thinking podcasts kicks off!
Season 2 Episode 1: Today we’re welcoming a very special guest to Contagious Thinking, Prof Yoshihiro Kawaoka, the 2018 Sir Michael Stoker Prize winner.
The Stoker prize is an annual lecture awarded to an influential virologist, chosen by everyone who is not a group leader or PI at the CVR. Previous winners include David Baltimore, Beatrice Hahn and Jon Yewdell, to name only a few.
This year’s winner, Yoshi Kawaoka - who is a vet by training - works at both the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the University of Tokyo.
In this episode, Kawaoka speaks with fellow postdocs Elihu Aranday-Cortes, Shirin Ashraf and Connor Bamford, about his life in science; his interests in dangerous viruses like Ebola virus and Influenza viruses; and what its like to balance working life in Japan and in the USA.
You can find our previous content on influenza and Ebola - and other Stoker prize winner lectures - over at, email us at or tweet us @CVRblog.
Join us next week when we're sticking with 'flu and talking with viro-physicist Dr Nicole Robb.
Featuring: Elihu Aranday-Cortes, Shirin Ashraf, Connor Bamford, Yoshi Kawaoka. 
Editing: Connor Bamford
Music: Inspire - Benjamin Tissot -
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